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Supercollider Finds Evidence of Non-Human Intelligence

Lakehurst, April 1, 2015

The Anti-Proton Collider experiment of the New Jersey Super Collider (NJSC) announced today that we may not be alone in the universe. This groundbreaking discovery by the largest scientific instrument in the world was confirmed by detectors at five locations around the NJSC’s thirty-mile superconducting loop.  The anti-matter capture team, led by Dr. Brian Vanderhall, has uncovered definitive evidence that the connected network of quantum particles that make up the universe is itself intelligent.  Whether there are one or many such intelligent minds is not certain, but it seems clear that the vast matrix of exchanging fields and forces is complex enough to have a conscious mind of its own.

The NJSC cannot, at this time, communicate with these beings.  They are presumably as unaware of us as we are of them.  They appear not to have bodies, at least not in the sense we are accustomed to.  They exist in our world, but in a strange, parallel existence, in which the material surfaces of things may have little meaning, and where gravity or electricity are just one more method of communication.

For more than a century, we’ve looked for aliens in distant galaxies, but they were here all along, right among us.  Inside us even, in the very molecules and forces that make up our air and food and our bodies.  Another whole civilization, and one so different from our own, we never even knew they were there.  Dr. Vanderhall and his team are hard at work trying to understand their language and devise methods of communication.  When they succeed, it may begin the most exciting and fascinating era of human existence.

This is a truly revolutionary discovery by the NJSC… and you can read more about it in the quantum physics murder mystery SUPERPOSITION by David Walton!  In the novel, the NJSC’s accelerator tunnels are home to murder, kidnapping, ground-breaking quantum technology, and the creepiest alien creatures you’ve ever seen.  The book, which hits stores on April 7, is…

"...a wild ride into the quantum world... like nothing you've ever read before."
—Will McIntosh, Hugo award-winning author of Defenders
" action, suspense and riveting mystery — all of it spinning about a core of vivid, speculative science."
—David Brin, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of Existence.
"...the most thrilling and ingenious adventure in quantum physics you’ll ever read!”
—Joel Shepherd, author of Originator: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel

Look for it at your local bookstore, or preorder it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble today.


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